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Tower 3 at UT Southwestern Clements University Hospital

Project description

Presented a portfolio of already completed works for various artist of color to Carneal Simmons Contemporary Art to propose and select for the forthcoming Tower 3 at UT Southwestern Clements University Hospital.  Art works were for the waiting rooms and to be around 72”w x 48”h,  60”w x 40”h, 36”w x 36”h diptych, 48”w x 48”h diptych, or a series of works.  The areas of the hospital where they were to be displayed  are considered “high stress”, so client was looking for works that were based on nature, such as landscapes, still life works, or abstract works with soothing pallets and touches blue and green are best

The 750,000 square foot expansion to the existing hospital, scheduled to open its doors in the fall of 2020, included two commissioned pieces from local artist presented in the Gossypion Portfolio, Molly Sydnor and Nida Banghash.

Project details

  • Client: Carneal Simmons Contemporary Art
  • Category: Curatorial Advising
  • Project Date: June 5, 2020