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About Us

Gossypion Investments (Gossy) helps communities and businesses thrive together through cultural investments, advising, and consulting. By integrating cultural makers, consumers, and industry, we help clients maximize their competitiveness and achieve greater economic prosperity.

Dedicated to addressing our most pressing social challenges, Gossypion Investments works alongside governments, foundations, non-profits, artists, companies and those they serve to shift entrenched systems toward paradigms that function better for everyone.

Our advising spans the topics of talent attraction and retention,  cultural engagement strategies, diversity and inclusion, marketing, real estate, cultural development strategies, city planning, creative place keeping, and political strategy.

Our Core Values

We have three core values at Gossy – excellence, integrity, and innovation. Find out more about what makes Gossy do what we do.

It is in our DNA. We are achievers and our clients, from the artists we manage to the companies who seek our advice, expect nothing less than excellence from us. We don’t back away from the idea that Gossy is the gold standard for our industry. We are excellent and we expect excellence and that drives us to never settle, never become complacent, and continue to make our world a better place.

We don’t take shortcuts. We hold ourselves, our artists, and our clients accountable to the highest standards and ethics. More importantly, we want to operate our company in a way that will make our ancestors proud. It starts with our two co-founders and goes from there. Whether anyone is watching or not we continuously strive to be who we say we are.

We take ideas into the world in order to make our clients grow. We aren’t afraid of risks and we aren’t afraid to fail. In fact we hope to fail often and fail upward. Gossy doesn’t just manage – we create. We don’t just try to live up to a standard – we try to invent the standard. In a rapidly changing world, we are committed to experimentation and finding new solutions to create systems that are better for everybody.

Meet Our Team

Darryl Ratcliff


Darryl is an award winning artist and poet whose work has transformed how the city of Dallas works with artists and communities of color.

Maya Crawford


Maya is a social practice artist, collaborator, and an active participant in the Dallas art scene.